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How to Cut Tile | This Old House

In this how-to video, This Old House tile contractor Joe Ferrante shares his methods for cutting glazed-ceramic and slate tile

How to Cut Curves in Porcelain Tile - Know About Life

How to Cut Curves in Porcelain Tile Porcelain tiles can adorn walls and floors in any room of the house. Many times, it is necessary to cut curves in the porcelain tile so the tile fits smoothly around a curved obstacle.

How to Make Precision Cuts With a Diamond Tile Saw | Family ...

A diamond tile saw is essential for cutting natural stone tile and other hard tile. In this article a tiling pro explains how to make tough cuts like curves

Cutting Porcelain Tile into Shapes |

Cutting Porcelain Tile into Shapes Cutting Porcelain Tile into Shapes. ... Use a grease pencil to mark curves and angled cuts on the tile surface. Step 3 – To Cut ...

How to Cut Granite Tile | Hunker

Granite is one of the hardest building materials, but cutting it isn't as difficult as you might expect. You can cut straight lines and curves in a granite slab with an angle grinder and a diamond cutting blade.

Cutting curves in tiles – what to use? – Singletrack Magazine

Need to cut some tiles around a curve in a fire place, any ideas how to go about it, reckon it'll just crack the tiles if I try and use my electric tile cutter.

How To Cut Porcelain Tile - So That's How You Do That!

See how to cut porcelain tile using three different types of cutting tools. Cutting porcelain tile can be easy with the right tools. See how to use each one

How to Cut Curves Into Porcelain Tile | Home Guides | SF Gate

While almost anyone can set tile with good results, there are certain tricks of the trade that make the job go much smoother. Cutting curves into a porcelain tile is not difficult, but it requires specific tools and techniques.

5 Best Tools for Cutting Ceramic Tile - The Spruce

5 Best Tools for Cutting Ceramic Tile. By Lee ... These blades are very dull and allow you to systematically nibble away at the edge of the tile to make curves.

How to Make Curved Cuts in Ceramic Tile - Ron Hazelton

View this quick video tip demonstrating two ways to cut curves in ceramic tile.

How to Cut Tile With a Grinder | Family Handyman

How to Cut Tile With a Grinder. ... In the next section we'll show you an easier method to use for cutting curves in the edge of a tile. Even with this method, ...

How to Cut Curves in Paving Stone_China Marble,Black Granite

Many stone tile cutting tools are ideal for cutting in a straight line. If you need to make curved cuts in your paving stone, forgo the simpler tools and use a wet saw.

VideoTile: Cut curves in granite, marble, travertine,tile ...

Arcus Inc is an expert in the art of cutting curves in tile, including granite, marble, and travertine tile. Check out our video galleries or contact us today!

How to cut curves in tile to accomodate a round ... - JLC Online

Re: How to cut curves in tile to accomodate a round shower base Don't try to make a finished cut on the first pass. Get it close enough to just fit into the space, hold a Sharpie Ultra Fine or similar marker against the shower base, and scribe.

How to Cut Ceramic Tile Without a Tile Cutter | Home Guides ...

Position the tile saw blade at the edge of the curve. Begin cutting, turning the tile slightly as you go. ... "How to Cut Ceramic Tile Without a Tile Cutter."

Installing Tile: How to Cut a Curve |

Whether you are installing tile as part of an entire bathroom remodel or simply replacing a damaged tile, it can be useful to know how to cut tile properly. By following a few steps, you will also be able to cut curves in your tiles to match an existing design or to create a new one. Use the ...


Manual tile cutter for both curved cutting of any type of ceramic or Gres porcelain tiles and standard cuts.Maximum cutting dimension 63 cm.

Easy Way to Cut Curves in Tiles -

With all the new tools we have today, some methods have become outdated and time consuming. Cutting curves in tiles is one of those methods, and you can now cut...

How to achieve curved cuts on porcelain tiles | Tile Cutters ...

Obtaining curved cuts on different types of tiles, ... was made by cutting porcelain tiles of the same type and laying natural stones in the middle of them. ...

Cutting Curves In Vct - Flooring - Contractor Talk

In the past we have used hanger wire and blue tape to mark out curves and lazy s's in vct. Once marked out, the tiles were cut by hand. Scratch and snap. Most jobs have been about 30 feet.